Why Us?

We understand that when it comes to a 2-in-1 aftercare & tattooing ointment, there’s a lot more to be considered than just the ointment’s ingredients.

For example:

- Will it clog my tattooing equipment?
- Is it too hard? Will I rub off the stencil on my client while applying it?
- Is it too runny? Will it run down my skin or my gloves?
- Does it smell? How does it feel?
- Is it greasy? Can I wipe it off easily?
- How will it make my tattoos look?
- And so forth...

As fellow tattoo collectors and artists ourselves, we went ahead and asked all of the hard questions and came up with a solution so you wouldn’t have to.

We worked diligently with an FDA regulated skincare manufacturer here in the Bay Area, California. After establishing a list of ingredients with a chemist, we tackled the 2nd most important aspect that people tend to overlook, the consistency of the product. We’ve experimented with several different formulas and consistencies until we found what we thought to be the perfect mix. So needless to say, your skin and tattoos will appreciate us just as much as the artist that put it on you!

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